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3 searches
5 results per search
1 search exports
No team members

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$ 189 /mo

Unlimited Search
30 results per search
5 search exports
1 extra member for $5/mo
Credit Card
Add campaign management for $149/mo
24/7 premium support
Dedicated account manager

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$ 239 /mo

Unlimited Search
Unlimited Results
20 search exports
4 Team members
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Add campaign management for $149/mo
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Unlimited Search
RepHike finds the best micro-influencer
Dedicated team for campaign management
50 influencer contact information
Custom reporting
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24/7 premium support
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Campaign Management - What's included

Auto shortlisting

Shortlist 50 profiles and our algorithm will automatically shortlist more micro-influencers that are similar to those profiles.

Auto reach out

The shortlisted profiles will automatically receive your messages and send their offers for collaboration.

Auto manage

The micro-influencers selected to work on the automatically create trackable posts and the metrics will be made available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription by going to Billing and clicking cancel. It’s as simple as that.

Can I restart my subscription?

Absolutely! All you’d need to do is login to your account and purchase the plan you would like to subscribe.

Who needs additional team members?

If you have multiple team members searching simultaneously on the same account - you will need additional team members as one account can be active only on one device.

What does unlimited searches and unlimited results mean?

Unlimited search means you can search as many times on the platform as you want. Unlimited results means there will be no cap on the number of influencers you will be able to see per search.

Is auto campaign management already included in my plan?

Auto campaign is only included in the enterprise plan. For all the other plans, the auto campaign management would cost $149/mo.

Does auto campaign management also handle negotiation of price?

Yes. Auto campaign management helps to find more profile, contact those profiles on your behalf, share the opportunity and negotiate the prices to keep the average cost of campaign around the desired cost. This is handled by our platform on the backend.

For more questions, please feel free to contact us directly via chat, or drop us an email at hola@rephike.com