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How it Works

RepHike is the leading campus influencer marketing platform that helps brands foster connections, drive engagement, create brand advocates, and measure effectiveness of their collegiate marketing activities. From employer branding to product referrals and sampling activities, activate our college trendsetter community members to drive authentic user generated content and localized guerilla marketing promotions while gaining valuable market insights.

Sophisticated Discovery

Hyper target your ideal collegiate ambassador by social following, university, major, location, and interests to match any niche.

Task Management

Automated task oversight provide you more time to carry out the activities that matter most.

Simplified Communication

Share ideas and communicate with your ambassador network in one dashboard.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Track meaningful analytics to optimize your campus marketing initiatives like impressions, reach, and conversions.


Creative solutions to drive organic growth for your brand

Brand awareness from original content shared among targeted consumers

High engagement from peer-to-peer referrals

Referrals and sales tracking to incentivize your top ambassadors


Thousands of Ambassadors at Your Fingertips.


Average Instagram Followers


Average Engagement Rate





Kickoff your campus marketing initiatives today.