A better way to hire & manage on campuses

Managing rep programs while trying to capture as much data as possible in a fast-paced environment is tough. So we built a solution for agencies to find reliable reps for their projects and worry less about following up on their activities.


Don’t waste money on unreliable people

Our vetted brand ambassadors are 2x more reliable than any other hiring source. Our AI algorithm processes key data-points to assess the reliability of based on factors like experience, interests, social interactions and more.

Imagine effortless ambassador management

Our solution automates most of the management work for you. Eliminate the tedious work and stay on top of your work.



Keep your ambassadors engaged

Collaborate with your ambassadors in group chat rooms on everything from your daily activities to your promotional goals for the year.

Create reports from analytics

Track meaningful analytics to optimize your brand ambassador program - including offline event statistics to online referral tracking. All of the data from your ambassadors is charted & graphed – without needing any manual work from your team. Export your comprehensive reports to share with your clients.


Partner with RepHike

We love helping brands find creative and customized solutions for their campus marketing and connecting them with the right agency partners. If you’re interested in learning more about joining our pool of certified experiential, event, and campus marketing agency experts contact us at partners@rephike.com

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