Our Mission

We are building cutting edge next-generation billion dollar ad-tech in the most innovative ways. RepHike’s number one objective is to provide brands the data they need to build successful ambassador networks. We provide brands the software, talent, and strategy they need to build relationships with their most important fans.


Why RepHike

Collegiate Marketing Experts

We’ve launched and scaled hundreds of successful ambassador communities at some of the world’s best companies. We’re eager to share our first-class software, created by campus marketers for campus marketers.

People Centric Approach at Scale

Build lasting relationships and brand loyalty with your targeted consumers through advocacy and referrals. We give companies an easy way to engage with hundreds of vetted ambassadors to authentically share your products and promotions.

Data Driven Advocacy

We power advocacy with data so that you can make more informed decisions. Make your ambassador network better by measuring your key performance metrics, like referrals and conversions for your ambassadors.

Opportunity is infinite. Explore careers at RepHike.