Our people

We say it like it is. We avoid jargon whenever possible. We talk about people, creators, and collaborators, not influencers. We prefer to talk about creative possibilities and genuine relationships between brands and people. That’s the stuff that matters. We build our own tools and we know how to use data for real results, but that’s just a means to an end. We are down to earth. Good marketing doesn’t happen magically somewhere in the cloud, it’s always personal.


Shashank Roy

Co-Founder & CEO

Shashank is a co-founder of RepHike and brings years of experience in grassroots marketing and product management. He has found and organized loyal communities of consumers for brands.


Olivia Goldstein

Co-Founder & COO

Olivia is a co-founder of RepHike with nearly 10 years experience in managing entrepreneurial ventures, marketing, and business development. She’s lived and traveled to over 30 countries.


Abhishek Menon

Co-Founder & CTO

Abhishek is a co-founder of RepHike, often seen in front of a computer hacking away and complaining about JavaScript. He started programming as a hobby and decided to make it his career.


Jed Goldstein

Operations Manager

Jed brings an immense attention to detail and organization, driving the team to work smarter. When he’s not managing spreadsheets or answering emails, you can find him playing HQ trivia.

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