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Become an influencer

on your campus for top brands

RepHike is a marketplace exclusively for students

to find brand ambassador opportunities and earn

money by working on marketing campaigns for

the most influential brands.

Gain Experience & Earn

On Your Own Schedule

Build creative and strategic local branding opportunities for

top companies, including creating original content, and

testing & sharing hot, new products with your friends.

Create your own work schedule that fits your life.


New brands every week

Our main focus is to bring you great brands. From the trendiest startups to the biggest brands, we bring you the most exciting brands to work with.


Work without disrupting college life

You don’t need to skip classes or even leave your side-job. Build your resume  with meaningful & impactful work alongside taking classes.


Payment security

 Brands transfer money through our secure payment system, and you get paid immediately upon successful completion of tasks via Stripe into your bank account.