All good social media campaigns start with the right partner


Find and build relationships with the ideal Instagram creators for your brand.

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Trusted by brands and agencies alike

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    “Searching was super easy and straightforward, which was great! The dashboard made it super easy to see which which candidates were the best for us.”
    Warner Music Group
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    “If you are looking to run multiple influencer campaigns at once I would recommend going through RepHike rather than trying to run them yourself.”

RepHike is a powerful search and collaboration platform. Designed to help you get your brand in front of your soon-to-be customers faster.


The platform that puts people first

Transparency, personal connection, and trust create long-lasting relationships between brands and people.

RepHike’s platform helps you find and build meaningful partnerships. And, work swiftly with everything you need to bring your campaigns to life—all in one place.

1.25x increase in ROI by finding your ideal partner faster

Using RepHike’s advanced search you’ll connect with creators who are a natural fit for your brand in 1/4th of the time.

Better yet, our machine learning algorithms continually analyze and recommend new profiles to you based on the look, feel, voice, and message you are aiming for.

85% of your workload is reduced because of built-in transparency

Share exactly what you need with creators upfront—and see where they stand from invitation to acceptance.

By eliminating the tedious back and forth, we help you focus on what matters and work with people who are genuinely excited about your brand.


Meaningful, long-lasting partnerships mean better campaigns

The platform helps you find the right people. Many brands and creators on RepHike work with each other again. 

Working with the right partners allows you to form a real connection with your collaborator’s audience.

And, how will know your partnerships are working? You’ll get the data

No guesswork here. A clear intuitive dashboard gives you insights and detailed analytics—so you can see the impact your campaigns are making.

You’ll get access to real results, including impressions, CTRs, engagement and more.

How it works


Find: With advanced search, find the right fit for your brand.
Shortlist: Select the people you are interested in and our algorithms will continue to recommend additional matches for you to consider.


Brief: Share all the details upfront from rates to brand guidelines. Then, RepHike’s platform automatically contacts people on your shortlist.
Select: Hear from creators who are excited about the campaign and fit within your budget. 


Prepare: You (or RepHike) sends over any products. While creators start drafting posts for your approval.
Finalize: Share your feedback and approve final posts.

Go live

Publish: Once everything is ready to go, creators launch your campaign on Instagram


Measure: Get detailed insights, such as impressions and engagement stats, from the dashboard on how the campaign is going.
Report: Share an impact report with your team and make informed decisions.


Stay connected: If all went well, connect with the same collaborators for future campaigns
Start a new campaign: Begin new campaigns to continue grow your reach

650,000+ creators waiting for you

Meet creators from a range of industries. From food to fashion and many more. People who are happy to work together.


They’re ready to share your brand with their audience because you’re a natural fit for them too.

  • “It was a very organic partnership. I love to travel (obviously!) and have been planning to experience travel with Skyhour for some time.”
  • “It was a pleasure to promote a brand that allows gifting of flight hours. That’s something I believe I would love to receive as a gift so I felt confident promoting a brand I believe in.”