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A better way to find great content and great creators

Looking for a beauty guru with 10,000 Instagram followers from southern California? Done.
Looking for a nineteen year old fitness enthusiast with 5,500 Instagram followers from NYC? Done.

It’s that simple. Adjust your filters, and see a curated list of profiles and their stats to choose the best micro-influencers for you.

Auto campaign management

Let our software do the heavy lifting of shortlisting profiles similar to the ones you like, reach out to them, and run your campaign for as little as $149/mo.

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The Value of Real Content Creators and Social Media Lovers


$6 returned for every $1 spent

Forget paying thousands of dollars for one post from a macro-influencer to create value. Our micro-influencers can create the same premium experience at a non-premium cost.

60% more engagement

Their reach may be smaller than a macro-influencer but from their personalized content, their engagement rate is proven to be 60% higher.



Targeting the right audience

Micro-influencers are the champions of their local community who promote your brand with their voice. They’re perfect for small businesses, start-ups, and even established brands testing out new product lines.

What you need to know


Content Creators

2,000 - 30,000

Instagram Followers

7 - 25%

Engagement Rate

Case Study

Increased Brand Reach and Customer Base

Instagram micro-influencers produced creative content for Country Sweet generating over 70K impressions at an average of 15% engagement rate, delivering over 5,000 unique referrals.

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We love helping brands find the perfect micro-influencers for them and connecting them with the right agency partners. If you’re interested in learning more about joining our pool of certified digital and influencer marketing agency experts contact us at partners@rephike.com

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