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Become an influencer

on your campus for top brands

RepHike is a marketplace exclusively for students to become an official ambassador and spread the love of their favorite brands. Work with influential brands and get rewarded.

Work when you want

Make your resume standout

Build creative and strategic local branding opportunities for

top companies, including creating original content, and

testing & sharing hot, new products with your friends.

Create your own work schedule that fits your life.

I found a cool new tech brand to work with and it was great way to boost my resume alongside my classes. I was able to work with them on their product marketing campaigns for UC schools. Apart from the swags and stipend it was a great learning experience!

- Connie

Computer Engineering Student at UC Berkeley

Join the students working with cool companies

Find the brands you love

Browse your favorite brands on RepHike and find new brands in your interest areas. Once you’ve chosen your brands, send them an invite to work with them on cool activities and tasks.

Create activities on campus

As an ambassador, you’re an integral part of the brand team. Drive brand love by sharing new products with your network and organizing events & activities on campus.

Get rewarded from brands

As if sharing cool products and making new contacts isn’t cool enough – you’ll also get compensated in cool swags, cash, gift cards & discounts.